It's not how many time you crash that counts. It's how many time you get back up in the start house. M. Kamikaski

Le succès est un état d'esprit. Si vous voulez réussir, commencez par penser à vous en tant que gagnant.    

- Joyce Brothers

Keep calm and wait for the next chair.

The office is closed on powder days.

Skiing is a dance, and the mountain always leads.

Go fast or go home.

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That moment when you realize

          SHIT just got real.

Alan Williams

CP 2160 Kahnawake QC JOL-1BO Canada

E-Mail: alan@alanwilliams.ca

* Piste Ruthies, Colorado 27 Mars 2016.

Can't straddle the gates if you don't hit them...

REMEMBER: MT. FA When skiing with me.

" No such thing as spare time.

  No such thing as free time.

  No such thing as down time.

  All you got is life time.

  GO                      H.ROLLING.